The methods and benefits have been tried, tested, and continually used by top competitors in running and endurance athletics. 

Meet The Team

Our mission is to bring high level of assessment, training, and guidance to performance driven athletes. We hope to improve your movement, whatever that means to you.

Dr. Wes Gregg DC

Doctor of Chiropractic. Excels at designing Performance Strength Plans and providing cutting edge techniques for rehabilitation of Running Related Injuries. 

Dr. AJ Gregg DC, MS, CSCS

Doctor of Chiropractic, Masters in Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Designing Performance Plans, performing Laboratory Evaluation, and guiding effective Sports Nutrition.


Dan Bergland MS

Masters Sport Physiology. Research centered on elite-level endurance sports.  Special interest in altitude training, heat and cold, and athlete performance and longevity. 

Johanna Briscoe

B.S. Exercise Science. Director of Community Engagement & Training Support: manages outreach, marketing, and new training products & services. "Excited to infuse my passion of running with the latest of the world of sport science!" 

The team works in Flagstaff, Arizona as a part of a sports management organization HYPO2. Centered around world-renowned altitude training programs we have had the unique exposure to work with local elite groups and numerous Olympic, World class, and competitive age group athletes from across the globe. 


Strength Coaches for:

Hoka ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite

New Balance Boston

Under Armor Dark Sky Distance

Coaching athletes achieving 

victory in:

Kona Ironman World Championships

Olympic Trials Marathon

Olympic Trials Track

We take a person centered approach with applied science to optimize performance with detailed coaching and instruction, mutual considerations, and feedback. 


We work with highly dedicated individuals focused on mastery. Everyone has areas that can be sharpened, room for improvements in performance, and we hope to always provide you with challenges for continued development and adaptations.


Our aim is to put you into the best possible position to give your best effort in competition.  We also encourage having as much fun as possible along the way!



Our philosophy on assessment and training is grounded in science and over 10 years of experience working with professional groups and endurance athletes.  


The teams works as a part of a sport management organization HYPO2 centered around a world-renowned altitude training programs. Experienced in meeting the needs of elite athletes Dr. AJ and Wes provide up-to-date treatment and rehab for fast recovery as well as performance training and nutrition. Dan performs physiologic assessment and monitoring.


Our mission is to bring the same level of guidance to performance driven athletes. We hope to improve your movement without limitations, whatever that means to you.  





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