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The methods and benefits have been tried, tested, and continually used by some of the top competitors in running and endurance athletics. 

Meet The Team

Dr. AJ Gregg DC, MS, CSCS

Doctor of Chiropractic, Masters in Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Lead designer of StrongStridess, designing Performance Plans, performing Laboratory Evaluation, and guiding effective Sports Nutrition.


Dr. Wes Gregg DC

A Doctor of Chiropractic he excels at designing Performance Strength Plans and providing cutting edge techniques for Rehabilitation of running related injuries. 

We are Strength Coaches for HOKA ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite and New Balance Boston professional running group. Living in an altitude training mecca, we have had the unique exposure to work with local elite groups and numerous Olympic, World class, and competitive age group athletes from across the globe. 

This type of expertise and direction has been available up to now only to high end athletes. Our mission is to bring this same level of guidance to everyday runners.


StrongStrides helps develop the foundation for strong running and performance to keep you at your best.


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