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Why It Works

We’ve done the heavy lifting of evaluating thousands of exercises and protocols to build programs that are effective and progressive. No mystery or secret formula, just proven experience with some of the best runners in the world.


Program goals

Gradually build lasting fitness with our most effective exercises, structured to meet you right where you are! Follow programming to fit your schedule, specifically designed to create strength and endurance in essential areas for running strong. 

The entire StrongStrides program contains over one year of progressive strength development to bring you to new levels of strength to improve your running performance from 5K to Ultra-Marathon

Main Training Program Courses


An introduction program to StrongStrides.  Learn basic body positions and control in the core and hips and explore methods for increased range of motion.  You will leave the course with the skills and confidence to succeed with isolated muscle control and endurance.  Ideal for anyone newer to strength training, coming back after injury, or time off.



Progress through intermediate to advanced routines that will fire up your core and legs with exercises uncommon in conventional workout programs. The entire StrongStrides program is designed for long term development and symmetry.


Stretching and muscle release sequences crafted to gently relieve tension in every area of your body.  A safe introduction to stretching designed for the demands of running it will loosen up tight regions for focused mobilization and injury prevention.

"StrongStrides has been the game changer. With Dr. AJ Gregg able to coach me remotely my running performances are consistent and I continue to be challenged and get stronger each week using the StrongStrides platform! "

Grayson Murphy
5x NCAA All-American


Take our online assessment and get started with our program focusing on your strength and mobility deficits. 

The StrongStrides program is suitable for high school, collegiate, and post collegiate athletes.  The assessment places you in a program appropriate to your ability level and experience. 

What You Get

With your membership you get instant access to an online assessment and hundreds of progressive workouts and courses hitting key areas to help your perform at your best. Our guided programs will prepare you for races and develop you through your training cycles.

  • Routines range from 20 - 60 minutes
  • Gym routines and for those with little to no equipment
  • Beginner to advanced strength and mobility for core, legs, hips, and foot
  • Forum and email support to guide your training.




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