StrongStrides has a quick turnaround on test results to make rapid changes as markers indicate, meaning you as the athlete benefit by how quickly we can change or reinforce your program and performance. 

Step One

Select one of our customized athlete blood panels and complete an online athlete questionnaire to capture information unique to you.

Step Two

Ensure you have access to a LabCorp near you – check for locations here – type in zipcode, click routine blood work, then hit search

*Requisitions can be brought to any Labcorp in all states except NY, RI, MA, MD, NJ

Step Three

We will analyze your blood test and deliver a customized report with action steps and detailed expert analysis. Longitudinal testing has the biggest impact on your performance. 

Single Laboratory Test Profiles



The comprehensive panel will evaluate all of the markers to optimize performance. 
 Knowing these numbers can be vital to your success.
Tests included:

Complete Blood Count

Metabolic Panel

Full Iron Panel



Vitamin D




Regardless of what fitness you feel you are in . . .  this test will let you know exactly what’s going on by testing your Complete Blood Count (CBC) and a Full Iron Panel. This is the start of understanding what you need to change in order to maximize performance and fight off fatigue. We recommend this test for every runner.  
Tests included:

Complete Blood Count

Full Iron Panel


What happens next:

  1. Once you have completed your order and questionnaire, that info will be sent to StrongStrides
  2. Within 48 hours you will be sent a LabCorps requisition form via email
  3. You can then schedule an appointment with the nearest LabCorps with your paperwork inhand OR you can do an early morning walk-in.
    *Requisitions can be brought to any Labcorps in all states except NY, RI, MA, MD, NJ
  4. Upon completion of your blood testing, the results will be sent directly to StrongStrides. (48-72 hours)
  5. You will receive a clinical report (via email) from StrongStrides containing valuable information on your iron and red blood cell status. This information is critical to optimal athletic performance.
  6. **Please Note: Due to state regulatory restrictions, athletes residing in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Rhode Island are not eligible for this service. You can purchase this testing but you MUST use a LabCorp in any other eligible state.

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