Running Nutrition  

Implementing the most up to date science and experience to create a plan individualized to you

What To Expect


When it comes to runners, nutrition is a major component to be looked at from several angles. AJ Gregg looks at nutrition for the whole runner - from the first day of training to the end of the goal race. This includes day-to-day nutrition, race and workout-specific nutrition needs, and nutrition for recovery. Nutrition analysis, consultations, and plans at StrongStrides are always curated for each individual athlete while utilizing industry expertise in knowledge and implementation.

  • Consultation with AJ Gregg to assess your nutrition inquiries, needs, and goals
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Guidance on appropriate laboratory testing
  • Individualized summary report and recommendation/nutrition plan
  • Nutritional advice specific to the needs of runners, such as: Iron, Vitamin D, supplementation, fueling, hydration, caffeine, recovery, injury (including bone and joint, gastrointestinal, soft tissue), energy balance, weight gain and loss   


Nutrition Pricing

Expert nutritional and laboratory evaluation provided by Sports and Performance Nutritionist Dr. AJ Gregg D.C. M.S.

Evaluating your nutritional status, improving recovery, training and race fueling, gastrointestinal distress, optimal body composition

Detailed Nutrition Analysis


One Time Evaluation

  • 1x Virtual Call and follow-up

  •  Dietary Analysis

  •  Sports Nutrition

  •  Race and Fueling Strategies

  •  Recommendations


Nutrition Coaching


Monthly Support

  • Bimonthly Virtual Call 

  •  Email correspondence

  •  Resources and support for your success

  • Included Detailed Nutrition Analysis ($199)


What about supplements?

The following supplements have shown to increase performance, enhance strength training, and prevent against injury and are commonly recommended to athletes in the context of their overall health and performance goals. Some of the data and recommendations may be interpreted as experimental but we found the protocols safe and affordable.  All supplements should have a Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) label for purity potency and safety. Some may wish to choose NSF Certified for Sport®.