All The Tools You Need To Overcome Running Related Pain

Virtual therapy can be used to rehab a range of issues from Foot, Shin, Knee, Hip, Low Back, Sacroiliac, and Muscle and Tendon Injuries

We are committed to resolving persistent chronic issues that restrict or limit your ability to run. If you have felt like you have not found someone who understands running, our experience can help get to the root of your problem. 

Our experience working with over a thousand age group runners and over 250 Olympic and World level distance runners can attest to our success. 

Initial Evaluation


Billed After Scheduling

  • Video Consultation
  • Home Rehab Program
  • Running Analysis 
  • Follow-up appointments $60

Providing Fast and Safe Return to Pain Free Running

We are dedicated to providing safe, affordable, and effective rehabilitation services.  We are proud to offer virtual treatment options where you can connect with Dr. Gregg through online video chat.