Strength Training Programs

Designed for runners from 1500m to Marathon/Ultra and Triathletes who wish to improve performance and maintain or achieve pain free running.

Backed by Science:  Increased Performance & Economy

A modern approach.  With this program you will elevate your current training to an advanced, structured level supported by the most up-to-date scientific literature.  These programs will develop a strong core, hips,  and foot and teach you what rep ranges, and progression schemes to use for optimizing development.  You will not only develop a balanced and strong stride but acquire fundamental understanding movements to help you maintain.

Elle St. Pierre - Record Smashing Core Workout

A big fellow advocate for strength training, check out what Elle St. Pierre says about the training: “The day after I work out in the gym, I can tell my running form is better, and I’m less sore or tired."

Train Smarter

Train with purpose, make gains, and make PR’s! These programs include specific guidelines for exercises, rest periods, progression, sets, reps, and more. The program comes with a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section answering the most common questions I have received from clients.

Video links and pictures demonstrating proper technique, cues for each exercise, as well as exercise substitution options provided for all exercises in the program, meaning you won’t have to do any guessing on your own. In case anything still isn’t clear, you will have customer support available over email to help with any questions or concerns.

Base Training Strength Programs

Starting Strength 12 Week Base

$74.00 USD
Middle Strength 12 Week Base

$74.00 USD
Elite Strength 12 Week Base

$74.00 USD

Peak Training Strength Programs

Starting Strength 12 Week Peak

$179.00 USD
Middle Strength 12 Week Peak

$179.00 USD
Elite Strength 12 Week Peak

$179.00 USD

Boston & London Marathon Strength Programs

Boston Middle Strength 12 Weeks

$179.00 USD
Boston Elite Strength 12 Weeks

$179.00 USD
London Middle Strength 12 Weeks

$179.00 USD
London Elite Strength 12 Weeks

$179.00 USD

Women's Specialized Program & Home Program 

Women's Specialization Program

$179.00 USD
Starting Strength Home Program

$74.00 USD

Aliphine Tuliamuk - Strength Training Got Her Back in The Race

Another big proponent of building strength and seeing it translate to her running, Aliphine says “I have to remind myself that the more I run, the more important it is to do strength training,”  

Beginner to Advanced 18 Month Development Program

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