Individualized Strength Training and Coaching

I work with all types of athletes who are performance driven. This includes people at the recreational, masters, and elite level. 1500m, 5K, 10K, 1/2, Marathon, Ultra, Ironman.

The Tools For Performance

My aim is to improve economy, durability, strength, power, preparing you for the specific demands of race day.

I look to find the many ways to suit your running goals. The routines given are specific to you and the factors we are trying to influence to make you better.

My mission is to give all performance driven runners expertise and direction.

How Can You Help My Running Performance?

I have coached athletes achieving victory in:

Kona Ironman World Championships

Olympic Trials Marathon
Olympic Trials Track  

I have coached and assisted athletes placing in event such as:


Indoor/Outdoor World Championships Track

Olympic Trials Marathon
Olympic Trials Track

Marathon Majors
Kona Ironman World Championships
Ironman 70.3 World Championships
Ironman 70.3
Marathons and 1/2 Marathons
5K, 10K Running Races
Ultra-Endurance Races

Olympic Gold Medal Swimming

Olympic Gold Medal Tennis



Chelsea Sodaro

Ironman World Champion

Dr. AJ Gregg is a key member of my team. He helped me come back from a career threatening injury, and guided my strength program in preparation for the most important races of my career. My program with Dr. Gregg is so much more than injury prevention, though. Dr. Gregg has helped me become a stronger, more resilient athlete, despite all of the hours I spend swimming, biking and running in a straight line. He has brought so much joy and fun into my training too.  I look forward to our session every week and I always feel better in tune with my body after we work together. A piece of my world title belongs to Dr. Gregg, and I'm so excited to see what we achieve together in the future. 


With years of experience guiding professional groups and individuals this training system is proven to build up, keep healthy, and round out all the aspects to develop a strong and efficient stride. I have limited availability for coaching and am seeking clients who would like to work with me for a minimum of 6 months. It takes time to see big results.




1x Virtual Consultation and Assessment
Detailed plan and instruction on integration up to 2 workouts per week
Video links and instruction on integration
General Nutrition Recommendations for Performance
Monthly email correspondence 
$199 Onboarding Fee




To provide you with the best possible coaching:

Virtual Consultation and video guided instructions on movements every cycle

Detailed plan and instruction on StrongStrides Co-Activation™ 

Monthly Strength in Stride Activation Assessment

Coaching for performance alignment and economy

Performance Routines

Priority scheduling virtual training

Specialized Nutrition Information

Performance Supplement Protocols

Text, phone, and email communication

Adjustments to workouts

Video links




4 Virtual Sessions

Each 4 session block will connect different body regions starting with lumbopelvic stability and progressing to specialized movements.  
To provide you with the best possible coaching. Instruction StrongStrides Co-Activation™ for alignment and connection with body
Specialized movements and solution to imbalances not possible with self guided training programs.



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