The methods and benefits have been tried, tested, and continually used by top competitors in running and endurance athletics. 

Meet The Team

Our mission is to bring high level of assessment, training, and guidance to performance driven athletes. We hope to improve your movement, whatever that means to you.

Dr. AJ Gregg DC

"I developed StrongStrides, wanting to help more people through knowledge and quality movement.  These training methods apply to all performers. My vision is redefining how performers train and think about strength training and movement.  I look forward to creating and providing more up to date information, training, support, and guidance for your most important moments. I hope my experience can be of benefit to you." 

Coaching Experience

Hoka ONE ONE Northern Arizona Elite
New Balance Boston
Ironman World Champion
World and Olympic Champions and Medalists
800m-Marathon: Olympic or World Team
Cross Country World Team
Trail World Team
100k & 50k Road World Team
Trail Major Champion
NCAA D1 Cross Country & Track and Field Champion & All-Americans
High School Athletes
Competitive Age Group Athletes
Recreational Athletes

Creator StrongStrides Co-Activation™ 

World class core stability training and movement accuracy and responsiveness for performance driven athletes

Alignment connection and economy

Professional Strength Coach. Masters in Nutrition. Performance Coaching and Nutrient Evaluation. Performance Strength Plans. 

"Living in an altitude training mecca, I have had the unique exposure to evaluate and work with hundreds of local and traveling world level athletes from across the globe. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and learn. My strength is identifying and correct errors in the body getting in the way of optimal performance.

We take a person centered approach with applied science to optimize performance with detailed coaching instruction mutual considerations and feedback. Our philosophy on assessment and training is grounded in science and over 10 years of experience working with professional groups and elite endurance athletes. 

We work with highly dedicated individuals focused on mastery. Everyone has areas that can be sharpened, room for improvements in performance, and we hope to always provide you with challenges for continued development and improvement.

Our aim is to put you into the best possible position to give your best effort in competition.  We also encourage having as much fun as possible along the way!

StrongStrides Co-Activation‚ĄĘ¬†

This content has been developed by with over 10 years of experience and effort helping elite athletes

  • improve¬†performance
  • injury prevention
  • stability and movement accuracy for performance driven athletes
  • the best alignment connection and economy for high level athletes
  • serving all performers at all ability levels¬†

Technique wins championships.

Activated posterior chain, stability and range of motion, angular momentum, economy, speed.

Improve the body, gain athleticism, and consistency in training.

Everything that improves performance, reduces injury risk.

Success comes from improved recovery and avoiding injury throughout career.