Guidance for technique and relaxed posture


Expertise to cover every aspect of your recovery, injury prevention, and performance


Goals for your goals. Dedicated training methods, and unlimited progressions. 

Precision For Your Most Important Moments

How it Works


Answer a few questions and take the assessment 



Say hello by hoping on a video call to get to know your coach



Get training!  There are several modules each with their own path.  Complete them on your own schedule and share feedback as you go.  We have an eye for making sure you get the technique right.



Track and Refine.  The coaching will track your progress and fine-tune your plan along the way.

Try it and love it or your first month is on us

Traditional Training and Therapy
  • Expensive 400-1400$/mo
  • Limited sessions per week
  • Rigid scheduling
  • Requires gym.¬†
  • Typical workouts are fitness and body building routines

StrongStrides GAP Training

Performance Training

$249 per month

  • Improve posture, center of mass, every aspect of athleticism
  • Resolve imbalances and recover from complex injury
  • The pre-requisite and foundation to effective and safe training
  • Predictably improves all aspects of performance including techniques for relaxation my phone rang and I said you fucking Casey right¬†
  • Workout anytime
  • Workout anywhere
  • Workout with minimal equipment
  • Integrated progress tracking
  • Did we mention good posture is attractive, confident, and powerful?


Gait and Posture Training

There's no substitute for good technique.

Whether you're wanting to improve your posture or performance you are not on this journey alone.  Get a coach who guides you to your goals with unparalleled expertise. 

'I have to remind myself that the more I run the more important it is to do the training'

Aliphine Tuliamuk Olympic Trials Champion

Aliphine is right!  In sport the body breaking down stops progress! 


Let's transform your body

We start with your core and get rid of your energy leaks and inefficiencies.  A modern approach to change your center of mass.  With this program you will elevate your current training to an advanced, structured level resulting in improved posture, speed, power, agility, and performance.

Elle St. Pierre US Olympic Trials Champion, World Indoor Silver Medalist

A big fellow advocate for strength training, check out what Elle St. Pierre says about the training: “The day after I work out in the gym, I can tell my running form is better, and I’m less sore or tired."

Clear guidance and expert coaching for technique in sports

"I always feel better in tune with my body after we work together. A piece of my world title belongs to Dr. Gregg, and I'm so excited to see what we achieve together in the future."  Chelsea Sodaro Ironman World Champion