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With your membership you get instant access to an online assessment and hundreds of progressive workouts and courses hitting key areas to help your perform at your best for your cross country, trail, track, or road seasons. Our guided programs will prepare you for races and develop you through your training cycles. Over one year of progressive strength courses will bring you to the maximum level of strength needed for running at your best. 

If you are new to this type of training or returning after a long hiatus you likely have mobility and strength deficits, and we have built a Course for students like you!

The Fundamentals Course is an introduction program to StrongStrides.  It is a go at your own pace 32 workout training program that uses exercises and targeted mobility routines to build your strength, flexibility, and body control. You will learn basic body positions and control in the core and hips as well as explore methods for increased range of motion.  You will leave the course with the skills and confidence to succeed with isolated muscle control and endurance.  We hope to bring you to your best “ground zero” before starting strength training and sort out any imbalances.  We designed this program to be the perfect introduction to StrongStrides, for both beginners and anyone building back their base.

Maybe you have neglected your mobility.  Are your hips and legs stiff? Do your joints ache? Our program builds longevity for athletes, without neglecting strength-building.  Mobility is where you bullet-proof your joints and soft tissue. 

The Mobility Course consists of muscle release sequences have been crafted to gently relieve tension in every area of your body and focus your time on key areas needed for efficient running.  You can use them for maintenance and improvement.  If you are new to mobility work the Fundamentals program is a safe introduction to mobility work. If your assessment noted deficits suggestions for each region are given. We provide a recommend schedule for keeping especially tight regions at bay and for focused mobilization and injury prevention.

A holistic athlete isn’t simply flexible—they are stable. What’s the difference? Strength! Specifically, strength with balance from side to side. By building balance in your stride, you will be able to enjoy new dynamics your body has missed.

If you have completed the Fundamentals Courses and/or have a history of confident lifting you are ready to begin our Strength Course. 

The Strength courses will progress you through routines that will fire up your core and legs with exercises uncommon in conventional workout programs. You will feel power in your stride after dedicated and continued development.

The Body Region Routines are supplemental workouts to the StrongStrides Courses. For those that feel they need to focus on weak areas from the assessment - this is how you resolve it faster. If you have found that you need certain areas to fire and activate more - these are the routines for you.

These workouts are guided as additional/optional work.  They are suitable and tapered for all ability levels. 

  • There is some equipment needed for the courses:
  • Perform Better Professional Light Exercise Mini XL Band - All Colors Set of 4
  • TheraBand Ribbon Bands
  • These bands are used in the workouts for progressions in resistance. Buying the pack will allow you to develop your strength as you increase the difficulty of the movements.
  • Swiss Ball: used for core, hip, and hamstring exercises.
  • Serious Steel Bands- Red and Blue - used for mobility and activation exercises.
  • Yoga mat: for comfort in some of the exercises on the ground
  • Weights/Gym: dumbbell, kettlebell, and barbell access for Strength Courses

On the 'Assessment’ page on the side of your web browser or the bottom of your phone browser a PDF download is available of the assessment.  The assessment exercises for the Strength and Mobility are shown in the posts below.  At the bottom is a scoring page to calculate your results for placement in the program.

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Yes, access to our Courses and workouts is available only through being a subscriber.

If you are a High School or Collegiate Team we have packages for your Cross Country and Track seasons.  You will receive multiple logins for your team to access our program on our mobile friendly platform.  

Please email us at [email protected]

  • You may contact us via email at [email protected]
  • You may contact us via mail at 2201 N Gemini Dr.  Box 28 Suite 127a  Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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